Dreamwave Hotel in White Beach, Puerto Galera

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Department of Tourism Accredited - Dreamview Hotel

Dreamwave Hotel
Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera Beach Resort Philippines: A World-class Comfort

At the very center of White Beach in Puerto Galera, you’ll find Dreamwave Hotel, a tropical oasis that boasts of the finest comforts.

Escape the fast, bustling pace of the city and find a sense of peace as you indulge in serene delights. Have a scrumptious seafood dish at our restaurant. Sit back in the terrace and let the warm breeze dance across your sun-kissed skin. Frolic on the beach and meet the cool rush of the waves.

Savor world-class comfort by the beach at Dreamwave Hotel in Puerto Galera. Check availability and prices

Puerto Galera Beach Resort

Tropical Chic

A place in paradise ctomes with rooms that are just as beautiful and soothing. Simple yet stylishly appointed with modern conveniences, the rooms have that laid-back tropical vibe that invites you to set aside worries and just relax. Details

Puerto Galera Resort

Waves of Leisure

At Dreamwave Hotel, good times come like the swells of the sea. Have your fill of tropical fare at our restaurant. Take a dip in the Jacuzzi. Try some water sports. Keep in touch with your friends at our Internet café. Details